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What is the single, potentially most profitable method you can use in Equity Markets?

Albert Einstein knew it a century ago. He said: Compound interests is the most powerful force in the Universe. If it is the most powerful force in the Universe, it should certainly be important in trading too!

Let me show you how it works. Let’s assume that your trading strategies make  2 Lakh Rupees a year on average. That may be nothing to be proud of, right? Now see what happens if you’ll increase your position size by 33%. And do it every time after you’ve made your average yearly profits.

The next year you could earn 3lakhs. Increase your size again and another year can bring you 4Lakhs. Now, close your eyes and guess to what level your gains may increase after you’ll increase your position size 18 times?

WealthMania Millionaire Club

Compounding Strategy

WM Wealth Bulider Club use’s the most powerful strategy ever found in financial markets to build the portfolios from Normal & Mid Range Portfolio’s to make fortune with them using the Compounding Strategy.

wealthmania compounding strategy

Trading Segment : Equity

Get Assured 1oo% Profit Per Year.

What Club Members Get

  • Herein we will provide you around 2-3 Strategies per month.
  • It would include strategy of Equity Shortterm Picks.
  • LIVE Calls are provided with LIVE Market rates to enable Entry & Exits at Correct rates.
  • Complete support through Whatsapp
  • Safest Stock Picks
  • Follow Ups & All Important News & Information.

Medium Of Calls

  • Calls will be given on Whatsapp.
  • Complete Support Through Whatsapp


WealthBuilder Costs you Rs 19,999/-

Offer Price: Rs 13,981/-

Duration :  12 Months

But first, take advantage of our offer price.



What Our Members are Saying about us

[Hi sir, this is Abadul Hasan I joined your WM Club just few days back and waited patiently for my first pick. 8500+ profits booked today thanks to you n God Bless Wealthmania]

[Hello Sreekanth & WM Team, I am really very happy to report that your investment advice with regards to India Glycol was Extremely fantastic …. !! I had invested at 180 levels on 9th August and CMP is 455.00, giving me a 150% profit in just under 3 months…. Awesome !! I have paid so many professionals in various fields for various advice, but they did not deliver as expected after receiving payment. You are the first person I have met in my life so far that has actually delivered. You have really fantastic person who earned my trust and respect..Eagerly waiting for your other stock recommendations also to give me similar kind of stocks.. Once again thank for Amazing profits..Regards, Akshay Patel 84xxxxxxxx ]

[Hi Sir,you are doing an amazing job. you are the first service provider with whom I am completelysatisfied. The way you plan trades to set up is amazing. Keep It up and God Bles. Thanks and Regards, Ganesh Borthakur+91 77XXXXXXXX]

[Dear Sir,I joined your ‘Portfolio Plus’  just a 15 days back. Out of 8 companies where i did small investment, 7 are already in profit…I know, it’s too early to judge any stock, but still, I just wanted to extend my gratitude to the services you are offering…Expecting some great calls on Diwali month..Regards, Raj kabra Pune Sent from my iPhone]

[Hi WM team, I’ve joined WM on July 12th,2017 for a 3 month subscription. Now I wanted to convert to a annual membership. I have Just Made the Payment of Rs 14,981 for annual membership. PFA Screenshot please check and confirm the same.. Thanks n Regards, Renuka Mungara +91 94xxxxxxxx]

[Dear sir,My sincere and hearty thanks and congrats for the amazing profits booked by immature and ignorant investors like me.May god bless you and your team. I appreciate your dedicated updates regularly…Regards…Saravanan 88xxxxxxxx Chennai]

[Hi Sir,i really appreciate your efforts, which u r doing for small investor like me who r having only one lac capital. In last few trades I earned 35k ++ in just 2 months…In this type of volatile market. we are making good profits very nice and patiently ..Before joining WealthMania , i lost around 5lacs rs in stock market but then I join Wealthmania yearly subscription in July and making handsome profit…Thank u Wealthmania God bless you all~ Vidya Prakash+91 87xxxxxxxx ]


WealthBuilder Costs you Rs 19,999/-

Offer Price: Rs 13,981/-

Duration :  12 Months

But first, take advantage of our offer price.

Customer Testimonials

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