Its Possible to be a Crorepati by Stock Investment –

One of my friend asked me that, i think its impossible for small investors like you and me to become a Crorepati by investing in stock market. The reason is simple because every time when i have seen people investing in the bull market, few months after the market crashed and they have lost most of their money.

I asked, Well what they did with their Investments when the market went down?

He said, Well they had pull out their investments and book the loss.


I asked, But they could have wait for few more years for market to recover. Its Insanity to invest in the market for just 1 or 2 years and hoping that within 1-2 years you will be Crorepati and at the same time whenever a market takes down swing, its more insanity to off load your portfolio rather than buying more stocks of fundamentally strong companies at cheap price.

The above is the scenario of so many people. They invest in the stock market to become a Crorepati one day but only after 1 or 2 market down swings they pull out all of their Investments and stop investing in the stock market.

So the Question is “Is it Possible to become a Crorepati by Investing in Stocks or Stock related Mutual Funds?” And if yes than how to become a crorepati by investing in stock market? What is the Technique/Strategy of becoming Crorepati?

Well, the answer is – Of course it is possible to become a Crorepati with fairly good and predictable chance by Investing in the Stock market.

Let us discuss few Examples –

01) IF you had bought 100 shares of Wipro at the rate of Rs 100 per share in 1980, they would be worth Rs 200 crore (Rs 2 billion) today.

02) if you had invested Rs 40,000 in Unitech during the lows of 2004, your bank account would see a whopping Rs 1.1 crore (Rs 11 million) today!

03) if you had invested Rs 10,000 in Infosys shares in 1992, you would be richer by Rs 1.5 crore (Rs 15 million) today.

04) If you had invested Rs 1,000 in Ranbaxy in 1980, you would have got Rs 1.9 crore (Rs 19 million) today

Want More Examples?…………..

There are few people who are this much wealthy today by investing in the stock market only. These people have made their fortunes from the stock market not from luck only. But these people knew the power of Compound interest, Fundamental Investing & Rewards of Long-term Investing since decades…..

So What is the Technique/Tips/Secrets of becoming a Crorepati by Investing in Stock market?

Well there is one Do & one Don’t of Stock market Investing.

If you want to become a Crorepati by investing in stock market than Invest in fundamentally strong companies for long term, Don’t pull out your investments in the down market but add more stocks into your portfolio at cheaper price whenever the market goes down….. Hold your stocks for 1 or 2 decades. The reason for holding stocks for this much long is very scientific and logical. Any Business takes time to grow and it requires a full business cycle (7-10 years) to unlock the value of business. So more the Business cycles you allow to pass on, the more value unlocking of your stock and thus more profit to you………….

And thus you can become a Crorepati………..



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