21 Interesting Millionaire/Billionaire Stats

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Study these interesting stats

1. When Forbes started out position the superrich in 1982, the cost of admission was a measly $75 million ($1.1 billion adjusted for inflation).

2. There were just 13 billionaires on the Forbes list in 1982, with a combined net worth of $93 billion.

3. Today, the net worth of the 400 richest Americans is $1.7 trillion.

4. The average net worth of an individual on the Forbes 400 list is $4.2 billion.

5. 70% of the Forbes 400 made their fortunes on their own, rather than from an inheritance!

6. Notable new members of the Forbes 400 are Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, 5-Hour energy’s Manoj Bhargava, and Facebook’s Tag Zuckerberg.

7. Of these on the list, those increasing their fortunes in the last season outnumbered the losers 4 to at least one 1.

8. The 20 youngest billionaire in the us have a mixed net worth of almost $100 billion.

9. The youngest person in the Forbes 400 in the U.S. is certainly 28 years old.

10. The oldest person in the Forbes 400 is certainly 97 years old.

11. Nine individuals were tied for last put on the Forbes 400 list, each worthy of $1.1 billion.

12. California gets the most significant talk about of Forbes 400 members, with 87.

13. Among cities, New York City topped the list with 53.


14. There are 45 women in the Forbes 400.

15. America’s 20 richest women hold a combined net worth of $160 billion.

16. There are roughly 187,380 individuals with a net worth of at least $30 million and their combined net worth is roughly $25.8 trillion.

17. The United States has 424 billionaires, whom have a combined net worth equal to 10.6% of United State’s GDP.

18. China has 95 billionaires, whom have a combined net worthy of of 2.9% of China’s GDP.

19. Taiwan has 24 billionaires, whom possess a combined net worthy of of 12.2% of Taiwan’s GDP.

20. The true amount of millionaires in the usa grew by 200,000 in 2011.

21. There are 8 approximately.6 million households in the usa with a net worth of $1 million or even more.

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